What is Dimer?

Dimer is an open source set of tools, a community, and a CMS to help you write documentation for your products/projects. On technical front Dimer has many advantages:

Dimer for open source

All core pieces of Dimer are published on Githuband can be used by anyone. Moreover, Dimer CLI comes with an inbuilt HTTP server to write and test your documentation locally.

In a nutshell, this is how it works?

Why JSON over HTML?

HTML is concrete in nature. Which means, you cannot change it's structure easily to achieve different layouts on your webpage. It's hard to remove or move elements within HTML. However, with JSON it's just an array of data that you can filter and transform before displaying it on the webpage.

Still not convinced? Wait till we launch some cool demos showing the power of JSON.

Dimer of writers

Writers are not concerned with the underneath technology, instead, need a calm place with the right set of tools to be productive.

We are working on the Dimer CMS, with a powerful editor to write, preview and publish your docs from a single platform.

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