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Dimer generates a clean and beautiful documentation website from Markdown.

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Dimer makes it easy to publish your documentation, with a distraction-free writing experience and beautiful, handcrafted themes.

Why Dimer?

There's plenty of doc generators and publishing tools out there. Here's what we chose to focus on with Dimer.

Extended markdown

John Gruber describes Markdown as an easy-to-read and easy-to-write markup language. However, we often find ourselves mixing in messy HTML snippets to extend its capabilities. With Dimer...

Slick writing experience

A fast, distraction-free editor with a live preview makes for a wonderful writing experience, allowing you to focus on crafting your words.

Clean, beautiful docs

To give your docs the best possible shot at helping your users, we've hand-crafted themes that focus on readability and to form a vertical rhythm for your content.

Big things are happening over the next few months, see our roadmap here
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