We are not a startup

We are a two-man team trying to simplify your documentation writing experience.

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Harminder Virk

Developer, creator of AdonisJs

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Abhimanyu Rana

Designer, product and brand

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Good documentation is hard, but we can help you by...

  • Making it easier for your users to read and search through it
  • Extend markdown capabilities to write rich text
  • Improve editing experience with workflow pipelines and slick editor

In upcoming months, we will be working hard to deliver following features to you, our Customers.

March 2018

Research and development started

Harminder & Abhi kicked off Dimer as a side project, with the goal of building an app to publish documents from Markdown focused on productivity, and simplicity.

Dimer announced

Launched the signup page for potential customers. An announcement made to the public on Medium, DN, and Twitter.

April 2018

Public beta released

The first Dimer release for public. The beta includes access to the Dimer CLIs, default theme for documentation and brand new Dimer’s website.

Landing pages

Adding support to choose from one of the predefined landing pages or creating your own using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Multilingual support

Dimer will make it easier to publish documentation in multiple languages. Your users will also be able to switch languages from the website.

Phase 2

Cloud editor

One of the main reasons to build Dimer is the cloud editor. We will spend the entire phase in shipping one of the slickest cloud editor.

Phase 3

Documentation search

Adding support for the search to make it easier for your users to find the right topic, without manually looking through the documentation.

Phase 4

Workflow pipelines

Want to maintain a unified writing style? With workflow pipelines, you can make sure all docs are reviewed before going public.

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