The Work Week

Sanctuary ebbs and flows with the tides of a weekly sprint. Here's how it works.

Starting Times

At Sanctuary, you'll start between 9 and 11am, and finish 8 hours later (5 to 7pm). That window is designed to work for early risers and late sleepers alike, while giving everyone a 30 minute window to catch up on communication and life admin before our standup at 11:30am.

Just get here before 11am, and you're not late. Coming in after 11am should be a rare occurance.

Sprint Planning on Mondays

On Mondays, we'll plan our sprint for the week, and update our clients of our progress.

We use Zenhub to move 13.5 story points into the To Do column of our board, and sum up last week's progress for the client. We'll use the opportunity to ask the client any outstanding questions, too.

We don't do standup on Monday, because Sprint Planning covers those bases.

Standups at 11:30am

Every day sans monday, we'll do Standup at 11:30am. We'll go clockwise around the circle and talk about what we did yesterday, and what we're planning to do today. It's a chance to ask for updates on any blockers, and lets everyone know what's being worked on!

Retrospective on Fridays at 3pm

Around 3pm on Friday we'll do a retrospective. That's when we discuss our projects from a high level, and identify concerns that we need to solve for in the coming week. It's a chance to rest and reflect so we can go into the weekend relaxed.

80/20 Time after Retrospective

After Retrospective, we like to work on some learning or side project hacking work. It's a chance to fit a bit of that passion project into the work week, and generally progress as a creative outside of the project you're on.

Premium Fridays

In the spirit of Yvon Chouinard's "Let My People Go Surfing", we take the last Friday of every month off, for a paid day off - or as we like to say, we take an extra 12 long weekends every year. The extra time off makes for a happy and refreshed team, and we find it's more than worth the investment.

You can read a bit more about Premium Friday here.

Keeping this place running

Our cleaner comes every couple of weeks, so in order to keep the workplace nice a slick, please remember to do the following stuff:

  • Wipe down tables if you make a mess
  • If you recieve packages, break down cardboard boxes and place next to the fridge
  • Please be diligent about recycling - cans, plastic or glass go in the right side of the bin
  • If the dishwasher is cracked open, it's dirty, so use it! If it's closed shut, it's just finished cleaning, so please empty it.
  • If you use the last paper towel or toilet tissue, please replace the roll!